Walker's Story


No Evidence of Disease

On Thursday August 27, 2015, 6-year old Walker Wagner had an appointment with his pediatrician for what he and his family believed would be a straight-forward annual exam.  Instead, they left the appointment devastated and in shock with the diagnosis of a large brain tumor. That evening, the family was life flighted from Bozeman, MT to Children’s Hospital in Denver, Colorado. On August 31, the tumor was removed but weeks later, the families worst nighmare continued with the diagnosis of the tumor was confirmed as a malignant medulloblastoma. The tumor removal was 100% successful but left Walker with some hard side effects. First, suffering from a mild case of Posterior Fossa Syndrome in which he was mute and very agitated. For weeks, he wore a patch for double vision, and the left side of his body was weak making it difficult for him to use his left arm and walk. Through continued therapies and his amazing determination, he learned to walk and write again. Walker was able to go from a wheelchair to running in just a year and a half!  Walker endured 31 rounds of radiation to his brain and spine, and 7 rounds of chemotherapy. 

Walker’s family is in awe every day for all that he has endured. Walker indominable spirit has carried him through the worst that life can offer and will continue to do so as he conquers the horrible side effects of treatment. No parent can ever prepare for the horrible diagnosis that their child has cancer. It will cripple a family emotionally, can tear a family a part, require life to continue while the family is separated while undergoing treatment, significantly deplete savings and cause financial hardship, leave hearts aching for good health and unable to breathe with the thought that your child could be taken from you too soon. The Wagner’s will forever have their eyes open to finding a cure, not only for their son’s cancer, but for all the other beautiful children diagnosed with cancer. They join other cancer families in the fight for funding, finding cures and try to unlock the closed doors to those around them, unaware of how these children and those who love them suffer. It is their hope that if you are reading this, that you too join the fight in raising awareness and funding for pediatric cancer research.

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