To look into your child’s eyes and hold them tight with the words, “Your child has cancer,” ringing in your ears.  To be swept away suddenly from your home, often cut off from friends and family, desperate to do whatever it takes to fight for your child’s life.  To feel like a foreigner when at last you do return home, like a veteran returning from war.  We understand the shock, the stress, and the challenges that come with being the parent of a child diagnosed with cancer.  While each child, disease and family is unique, there are many commonalities those of us who've walked this road of cancer with our child do share. 

It is the desire of The Bozeman 3 to offer support to families whose child has been diagnosed with cancer by connecting them with other families within the Gallatin Valley who understand because they have fought alongside their own child with cancer. 

If your child has been recently diagnosed with cancer or you know of such a local family, please call us at (406) 414-6503 or email  You will be offered the opportunity to connect with another family in Gallatin County whose child has had cancer.  We can provide a sympathetic, listening ear, answer questions that may arise, and help you get connected to additional resources for social and financial support.

A resource we would like to make available to you here is the New Diagnosis Packet, created to address the first hours, days and weeks from the point at which you first hear the word “cancer” in connection with your child.  We know what it is like to have your whole world turned upside down in one moment.  The New Diagnosis Packet is a compilation of the information and wisdom we have gathered, having gone through this experience ourselves.  It is our genuine hope that in providing this material, you will feel a little more equipped for the days ahead.


  • The Payden Memorial Foundation based in Livingston, provides financial support to families who have a child with cancer.       (406) 222-6700


  • The Jadyn Fred Foundation based in Missoula, provides financial assistance to families who have a child with cancer and other life threatening illnesses.  (406) 370-2159


  • Cancer Support Community of Montana in Bozeman, provides a wide range of support for people with cancer and their loved ones including educational sessions, support groups and fun activities.  Their incredible program, Kid Support, offered each spring, is for any child who has a family member with cancer and for children who themselves have cancer.  All their services are free of charge(406) 582-1600


  • Eagle Mount in Bozeman, provides Big Sky Kids camps which are “designed for young people with cancer and their families.  Three different summer camps and one family ski weekend are offered, all tailored to campers’ ages and medical requirements.”   (406) 586-1781


  • Bozeman Deaconess Cancer Center in Bozeman, may be able to provide blood draws for labs from Hickman Catheters and Ports (need to verify and ask if they can do any infusions)  (406) 414-5070


  • Walgreens Infusion Services in Bozeman, can provide line care including repairs, flushing supplies, dressing change supplies, assistance with dressing changes, and both IV antibiotics and hydration (406) 587-1050


  • The Gold Hope Project is "a group of international photographers that have come together to photograph families completely free, with the hopes of bringing about awareness of and raise funds for Pediatric Oncology Research and treatment."  They will "photograph any child 21 and under with a current or past cancer diagnosis." 

  • Camp Mak-A-Dream in Gold Creek, Montana, offers amazing, free summer camp sessions to children with cancer and their siblings.   (406) 549-5987


  • Tamarack Grief Resource Center in Missoula, “is the region’s most comprehensive grief resource center, specializing in bereavement camps and providing year-round grief support and education.” 

       (406) 541-8472

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