We have the opportunity to come together to help some of our neighbors


When a child is diagnosed with cancer, there is a sudden and shocking whirlwind of doctor appointments, testing and a rush to begin treatment.  Because there are no pediatric hospitals in Montana, a child from the Gallatin Valley will be whisked away for treatment, typically to Children's hospitals in Seattle, Denver or Salt Lake.  This necessity to receive treatment so far from home can result in a substantial financial burden for families.  There are many costs beyond what insurance will pay for such as loss of work, gas, airline tickets, food, housing etc.  With all of the stress and hardship that are an integral part of fighting cancer, it is our desire to meet some of the tangible needs of families in order to ease their burden.  We have the opportunity to come together as a community to help some of our neighbors in this unique time of crisis.

The Bozeman 3 works with local pediatricians and family practice doctors to supply valuable materials to families with children newly diagnosed with cancer in order to help them transition to out-of-state hospitals. Families are also provided with the opportunity to apply for both immediate and ongoing financial assistance.


So what can you do to help? 


Donate directly to the Bozeman 3


The Bozeman 3 is a 501(c) (3) non-profit.  Your gift is tax deductible. The Bozeman 3 has no paid staff and very minimal operating costs, in part due to the many local companies that have graciously donated materials and services at low or no cost to us.  This means we can give more to families.

Volunteer with The Bozeman 3 

The Bozeman 3 only exists because of incredible people who are willing to give of their time, skills and passion to care for local families whose child has cancer.  Fill out this form and we can talk through the possibilities.


Participate in the Dodgeball Tournament put on each spring by Lucy’s Light

All proceeds go to Cookies for Kids Cancer, which in turn funds pediatric cancer research.  This is a super fun community event for the whole family.  There are bouncy houses for the kids and lots of action on the court; all to help kids with cancer have better options for a cure.  http://lucyslight.org

Donate blood 

Because chemotherapy suppresses the bone marrow where red blood cells and platelets are formed, children battling cancer typically need frequent transfusions.  There is always a great need for blood.  Within Montana you can donate blood by making an appointment with United Blood Services.


Sign-up to be on the Bone Marrow Registry through "Be The Match" http://bethematch.org. Children with higher-risk or unresponsive leukemias may need a bone marrow transplant. The more people who join in the registry, the more likely a child will be able to have a well-matched donor, which is essential for survival.