The Bozeman 3 Annual Financial Report

January 1, 2016 - December 31, 2016


The Bozeman 3 board is 100% volunteer run with members receiving no financial compensation!


Have you been wondering where the Bozeman 3 distributes the money raised and donated? The Bozeman 3 prides itself on keeping low overhead costs so that the money can go where it the families we are supporting and research for childhood cancer!


In 2016 The Bozeman 3 raised $56,065.29!!!!!!!


96% of the money raised went to a combination of the FAMILIES and RESEARCH!


breakdown of how this money was distributed:


RESEARCH: $5140.00

Fundraiser expenses: $457.31

Office supplies/software/phone line/website advertising: $681.62

Insurance: $1216.00

Postage/PO Box Rent: $114.00

Tax Prep: $50


Thank you to those who donated time, money or support to the Bozeman 3 and the families we support!