Three Families Fighting to Save Their Children's Lives


The Bozeman 3 arose out of a unique bond between three families forged in their shared experience of fighting for the lives of their children diagnosed with pediatric cancer, far from the support and beauty of their homes in the Gallatin Valley of Montana.  They met in the hallways of Seattle Children’s Hospital’s Oncology Unit in early 2012.  While each child faced a different form of cancer, these children, along with their parents, possessed a resolve to fight.

It was simple things, like a mutual cherishing of the Bridger mountains and hay fields, or shopping at the same grocery store, alongside the momentous things - knowing what it is like to cradle your child in a small room while waiting for test results or the responsibility of making treatment decisions and missing entire seasons at home – these are the shared experiences that bound together the families of Caden, Allistaire and Stellablue.  They wept together in those dark times when it seemed the cancer was winning, and rejoiced together at the many victories.

Out of this came a common desire to find ways to support other local families who would some day face a similar challenge of a cancer diagnosis for their child and being thrust from their home to seek treatment.  With the help of friends who also saw the need, The Bozeman 3 has become a tangible, grass-roots non-profit organization.